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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jarius Lovett a/k/a "Standout" | F L

Jarius Lovett, better known by his stage name "Standout", derived from his mannerisms and unique style of dress, is an American hip hop recording artist and native of Atlanta Georgia's infamous "Zone 3." Although born into a city known for the "glitz and glamour" and the "good life," Standout's upbringings were the complete opposite of this over the top perception, and resemble nothing short of a hard knock life. Standout encountered several rough patches during his childhood from witnessing his mother's drug addiction and victimization to domestic violence, to battling the struggle of having an estranged father. 

However, Standout's roughest encounter was the passing of his mother a few short years after giving birth to his younger sibling, which marked the beginning of a downward spiral. After refusing to cope with the loss of his mother, Standout dropped out of school, and turned to alcohol as a mechanism to fill the void, and to shield feelings of pain and resentment. Knowing that he couldn't continue to live his life in sadness, pain, and loneliness, Standout decided to take a turn toward greatness and utilize music as an outlet to tell his story, and as an avenue toward rehabilitation.

Standout's dreams and passion for music began at the age of 17 when his natural talent as a rapper became more apparent. Standout's ability to creatively freestyle, and effortlessly compose unique and catchy hooks and lyrics is something that he credits greatly to his family, and musical influences including "King of the South" rap legend T.I., and Billboard Music Award Nominee, Future. Standout recently had the opportunity to work alongside Future on his original track, "Money in DA Air."

Music is something that has always been and will remain a passion of Standout's. Although intrigued by the fame and money, Standout is a firm believer that his passion and love for music will always overpower anything that life may throw his way. Standout is truly an artist that stands out!



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F L (Fam Life) are an American Southern Hip Hop duo from Atlanta GA.

Comprising members Stand Out and Alveo Da Great (ADG).





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