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Antonio TopcaT Randolph @7opca7

Professional Summary


PeachTree Music Group and TopcaT is a production company; management, consulting company that specializes in artist development. Producer management and track placements on major projects for R and B, Gospel, Neo Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Pop. PeachTree Music Group is the next big production power house in the south. We are partly responsible for a few major movement's being a success in the South. The SNAP and KRUNK MOVEMENT and now the SWAG MOVEMENT. Working with great A&R such as Eddie Weathers. Producer's such as Jermaine Dupri/Soso Def and Lil John/BME/Warner Brothers. Management 2004-2007 advising, assisting and maintaining artist such as Trillville (Top 20 US) and Dem Franchize Boyz (Top 10 US), management and PeachTree Productions.

Published on Sep 4, 2016
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Having an aspiring camp full of professional business men and women, producer's, writer's, composer's, artist's, business affairs, accountant's, staffs is pretty much like a lot of other aspiring young pioneers out there making exceptional pitches except we are actually pretty damn good!

I know myself and my team have came a long way from a decade ago and it's been continuous learning process working our way into this art of the music business.

Music and business influences are very diverse because the PeachTree Music Group family grew up listening, learning and reading everything from Gospel, Rap/Hip Hop and R&B to more alternative forms of rock, jazz etc. There are a great deal of musicians and business men beyond mention some of which are great role models, some who have been influential to us in helping us along our creativity, business decision makings and artistically path of professionalism.

What do we want from the industry? A lot of productive national work. Not just anything, just a fair deal. The most high will navigate success, no doubt.

That's about it for now. I appreciate you taking the time out to read and listen to what myself and team is trying to say.

I guess rather than offer the conventional biography that would normally accompany a presentation of this nature. I think I will provide information and music in a more simplistic manner so that you can get to know me in a professional manner.

PeachTree Music Group capitalizes on the growing entertainment market across the world since 2006 through the production and promotion of high quality production and entertainment. Located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The strength of PeachTree Music Group management team is derived from the blend of experience, creativity, savvy and energy. The following individuals who occupy key positions within PTMG are dedicated and prepared to ensure success.

The talented group of individuals such as Antonio TopcaT Randolph, Mr. Horne, Daimeial Michel who have united to form this innovative company, combined with industry affiliations and a highly esteemed Board of Directors, will catapult PeachTree Music Group into the future as one of the industry's leading entertainment companies. 

Song Writer’s and Producer’s

PeachTree Music Group is a seasoned and talented production camp under the PeachTree Music Group umbrella. We can easily be a very valuable addition to any record label basically from our productive presence alone. PTMG has added our company name to a legacy of musical masterminds and those who would rather be behind the scenes. We used our time in the industry not to seek fame and fortune but rather to learn the trade from the best in the business. 
The production company is all in one the perfect asset for an upcoming company or venture. Unlike most, we have the ears like true executives, producers, and engineers. 

Is a multimedia entertainment company that will supply profitable, positive, audio and visual entertainment to a diverse, international consumer group. PTMG is committed to wholesome entertainment across the board and firmly believes that quality and palatable entertainment can be realized without compromising commercial appeal.                                          


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