Tuesday, January 7, 2014


People always say Hip Hop is DEAD. What a oxymoron statement… My opinion is this: Hip Hop is most def alive. The problem is poor management from the bottom to the top. Poor choice of A&R reps with no experience, egotistical, hungry for power and dumb asses. Some are BDS chasing A&R's with no ear for music or brain for business. Some A&R's only have love for the money and not love for the craft and can care less about Hip Hop. If you love Hip Hop the craft of music 1st the money will follow in that order. Artist and A&R's needs to be carefully reviewed if executives want Hip Hop to continue to grow and stay alive. Executives that is in position needs to regroup and get it together. I can go on and on and elaborate on all the errors especially with our youth dieing away all for the love of HIP HOP. They have a misconception of Hip Hop and not being taught the TRUTH in how to position themselves as legends and young entrepreneurs. It goes back to MANAGEMENT. Some advisers or managers focus on the women, ego, clothes, cars and how they should sell out and keep up with paid for advertisement in which is a TRAP for our youth. SMH!! It's fucked up and now our youth thinks that's HIP HOP. Then they say HIP HOP is dead. It's not HIP HOP it's WE THE PEOPLE in the wrong position of teaching.

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