Monday, December 24, 2012

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Vida Nash
Vida Nash CEO RHM Management
The Boss Vida Nash
The FAM from Left Ryan-Richard-Vida Nash

Ebony Baskin
Ebony Baskin Praise 102.7
Ebony Baskin performing on The Dorinda Clark Cole show on TCT Network. 
Ebony Baskin did her thing on The Dorinda Clark Cole!With Manager Vida Nash
Ebony sitting with the beautiful Dorinda Clark Cole singing her hit singles Try Him and He Chose Me. Priceless! Check her on the Dorinda Clark Cole on TCT.
Ebony sitting with the beautiful Dorinda Clark Cole.

Ebony Baskin and Kiki Sheard on The Rejoice Show on The Word Network! Priceless check them out next Friday December 28th.

Ebony Baskin

Song title: He Chose Me

Artist: Ebony Baskin 
Written by: Ebony Baskin 
Producer: Jeremy "Backpack" Miller 
Co Producer's: Antonio "TopcaT" Randolph and Devin Johnson 
Record Hit Makers Management/HitMaker Promotions Marketing (Vida Nash)
Vocal arrangement and coach 

Backpack and Antonio TopcaT shows courtesy of PeachTree Music Group | Backpack Inc.

Jeremy "Backpack" Miller "What's in that bag boy"?

For any inquiries that derived from Antonio TopcaT or from any/all social media please contact: Business Affairs - - 678-449-7661

Jeremy "Backpack" Miller

Jeremy "Backpack" Miller
Antonio TopcaT Randolph

Antonio TopcaT Randolph

Devin Johnson 

Devin Johnson 

Manger Vida Nash "Hit Makers" | "Kyle K2 Stewart"

"Kyle K2 Stewart"

"Kyle K2 Stewart" | Vida Nash

"Kyle K2 Stewart"

Kyle Stewart II a/k/a K2 --RIP bra--. 

My experience with working with K2 was really remarkable. A very talented young man. Working with him and experiencing his awesome vocal arrangements and skill set with his loving sister Ebony Baskin. It has been a honor to work with the K2. 
K2 known as the super producer, singer, songwriter, arranger and father. My heart and prayers goes out to his family, friends and extended family/manager Vida Nash, @Ebony Baskin who loved him so so much.
Vocal Arrangements: Kyle Stewart II a/k/a K2. My brother K2 helped us all put this together.


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