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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Top 5 Mistakes Indie Music Artists Make

I wrote this awhile ago but I will republish it to help some new Indie artists out or some old indie artists that don’t pay attention.
This is a difficult list to put together because indie music artists make so many mistakes. I hope this short list helps some unknown indie artist avoid these mistakes in their quest to make it. The top five mistakes indie music artists make are.
1.Waiting for a Record Label to discover you- Not gonna happen most labels do not even have A&R departments anymore. The days of A&Rs going out and listening to live shows and actually listening to demo’s are long gone.
2.Not Performing Live – Live shows are the best way to make new fans and to move merchandise and actually make some money selling your music. If you think you are going to sell your music online think again. You should take every opportunity to perform live. And never ever pay a promoter to open for a Major artist. And never pay a promoter to perform at any showcase, these showcase’s are scams to make the promoters money.  This is a way promoters make money and it does nothing for the indie artist because the fans came to see the Major artist not you.
3.Not Hiring a Manager- Not hiring a manager is a big mistake by indie artists. There is just too much to do to jump start a music career, a artist cannot do it all. A manager can take the load off your back and let a artist concentrate on their music. A good manager will work for free until you make some good money then they will get compensated.
4.Not making a Name for yourself in your Hometown – Labels and distributors will investigate a indie artists hometown to see if they have a local fan base. Indie artists that are mentioned by there hometown DJs and promoters will get a labels attention. You cannot conquer the nation if you cannot even conquer your hometown. If you are not a big deal in your home town then you are not working hard enough. Labels want artists to promo themselves these days and once a artist gets a huge buzz then the label will find them.
5.Networking Too Much – It might seem like the right thing to do, but it is a big mistake most indie artists make. If you are always available for anyone and everyone who wants to collaborate with you, then the general public will view you as nothing special. You must be hard to get a hold of. You must create a I am already a star persona. You do not want to have 3 other unknown artists on your songs with you. You do not want to collab with everybody. You want to collaborate with those artists that are at a higher level then you. You do not want to rub elbows with your fans.
Written by DJ Fade

Feed Your Brain Magazine - Paranormal Research, Astronomy, UFOs, Magick, The Occult, The Illuminati, Templars, Lunar Gardening, Astrology - Edited by CHRIS EVERARD

Feed Your Brain Magazine - Paranormal Research, Astronomy, UFOs, Magick, The Occult, The Illuminati, Templars, Lunar Gardening, Astrology - Edited by CHRIS EVERARD

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TX-1 (TechnXlogy 1)

Technology One is a place for the Creative fusion of High Technological Professionals in Science, programming, 3D Graphics with real world attributes, Physicists, Media specialist and Engineers to bounce ideas, work problems and optimize time, space and bandwidth from the market place to the far reaches of space. "Revolutionizing our lives in how the world engages all the key technology elements that make up information and Ideas".  Emerging technologies and their impact for innovators, advances and innovation in various fields of new technology.