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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Rah Rage

Ayanna "RAH RAGE" Moran, born in Brooklyn, New York, on April 4th, 2001 is a second generation immigrant from Dominican Republic. After moving to Broward County, Fl at 6, and being exposed to so many different cultures, regions, and groups, they became active in community organizing at a very young age. As RAH RAGE has learned and grown they have focused their efforts on the dismantling of white supremacist patriarchy, and loving, protecting, and supporting the Black Trans/Queer Community.
Art has always been a part of their life, as a child they entered art competitions in the Boys & Girls Club, winning quite a few; dancing ballet and joining various dancing teams throughout the schools they were enrolled in. Poetry has also been one of their favorite art forms all their life. RAH RAGE is a testament to their 'raw' rage at the exploitive nature of the system we all live in, it is also a "way to scream into the void" as RAH puts it, and lastly but definitely not least to honor the Eye of Ra. Music has always been an integral part of RAH's life. Rah Rage first opportunity was at 5-G Studio where she got to record and create music working along side with 5-G. Producer i-Supa Dave as feat artist and Glitch of NoMerge Entertainment that helped developed her first single that was produced by CamTon and distributed by Digital Alliance Platform. Making honest music came as naturally as painting, drawing, and poetry. Art has always been about expression for them, and they view music as one of the most engaging mediums for the delivery of hard truths, beautiful lies, sad realities, happy futures, and any other thing someone may need to say. RAH thanks you for taking the time to listen to what they have to say. Peace and Love <3 TopcaT@PeachTreeMusicGroup.Com