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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Antonio "TopcaT" | "7opca7"

                                      "You're Only As Strong As Your Roots"
Management and Consultant


PEACHTREE MUSIC GROUP is a production camp; management consulting company that specializes in artist development, producer management and track placements on major projects for R and B, Gospel, Neo Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Pop. PeachTree Productions is the next big production power house in the south. We are partly responsible for BOTH movement being a success in the South. The SNAP and KRUNK MOVEMENT, now the SWAG MOVEMENT. Working with great A&R such as Eddie Weathers, Producer's such as Jermaine Dupri/Soso Def and Lil John/BME/Warner Brothers. Manangement 2004-2007 advising, assisting and maintaining Trillville (Top 20 US) and Dem Franchize Boyz (Top 10 US), management and PeachTree Productions.

President/CEO Antonio 'Top Cat' Randolph, one of the most successful hip hop managers in the south of the US. 

Antonio TopcaT oversees a conglomeration of management and production companies and collaborations, allowing him maximum control over his product and output. Partly responsible for the Krunck, Snap and the Swag movement pending this day 2017.

Antonio “TopcaT” Management from 2007-2008-2009



Production produced - 2006 Dem Franchize Boyz "On Top of our game"

Signing a Teen group, also Created New Venture with Atlanta’s label PeachTree Music Group President/CEO Antonio Topcat Randolph and 17.20 Records President/CEO Terry K. Johnson, has entered into a joint venture deal with Atlanta-based PeachTree Music Group to release local Hip-Hop trio C-SIDE’s skyrocketing single Boyfriend/Girlfriend ft. Kiesha Cole and MySpace Freak, featuring hit-making producer, Jazze Pha. 


Executive Production - 2006-ALBUM'S PENDING C-Side 1. Boyfriend, Girlfriend fet. Keyshia Cole 2. MySpace Freak



(Bmi), Soulja Boy Tell’em Music (Bmi) Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Disaster Publishing/Big-N-Mage Publishing,“Turn My Swag On”.
         LEMONADE the Visual Album Available Now!


Ayo & Teo - Rolex | Prod. BL$$D & BackPack Miller

Ayo & Teo’s ‘Rolex’ Rolls:  Ayo & Teo also punch their first ticket to the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs’ top 10, as “Rolex” rises 14-10 in its 17th week on the list. The duo, brothers Ayleo and Mateo Bowles, earns its ascent after the May 26 premiere of the official “Rolex” music video.

The video’s release helps push the song to 22.4 million U.S. streams for the week ending June 1, according to Nielsen Music, up 22 percent. “Rolex” also climbs to 14,000 digital downloads sold in that period, up 3 percent and makes headway on radio, rising 39-36 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart, up 12 percent to 5.4 million in audience for the week ending June 4, according to Nielsen Music.

 SahBabii "Pull Up Wit Ah Stick" Feat. Loso Loaded 


Having an aspiring camp full of professional business men and women, producer's, writer's, composer's, artist's, attorney's, accountant's, staff.... pretty much like a lot of other aspiring young pioneers out there making pitches..... except we are actually pretty damn good! 

I know I have came a long way from (10) ten years ago... and it's been continuous learning process working my way into this art of the music business.

Music and business influences are very diverse because the PeachTree Music Group family grew up listening, learning and reading everything from Gospel, Rap/Hip Hop and R& more alternative forms of rock, jazz...etc. There are a great deal of musicians and business men beyond mention.., some of which are great role models, some who have been influential to us in helping us along our creativity, business decision makings and artistically path of professionalism.

What do we want from the industry? A lot of productive work. Not just anything, just a fair deal. The most high will take it from their no doubt.

That's about it for now. I appreciate you taking the time out to read and listen to what we are trying to say.


Ebony Hit single  2012-2013 “He Chose Me”
2012-2013 Artist: Ebony Baskin "Growing" is one word uses to define herself.
Ebony Hit single  2012-2013 “He Chose Me”
is blowing up the Gospel charts and now is  going mainstream stay tuned for 2013 sucess.
Producer: Jeremy "Backpack" Miller
Co Producer's: Antonio "TopcaT" Randolph and Devin Johnson
Record Hit Makers Management/HitMaker Promotions Marketing (Vida Nash)

2011 Produced by: Daniel "3-DIGITAL" for Dixon PeachTree Music Group
Co Produced by: Antonio TopcaT Randolph for Peachtree Music Group
Dj Pharris "THE MONEY" feat. R-Kelly, Fabolous, Fat Joe, & Busta Rhymes

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PeachTree Music Group
Production Company

"Atlanta-based Platinum Production company PeachTree Music Group signs a major production deal to release Atlanta-based teen phenomenon TEAM INFAMOUS". Their new single "Wassup", produced by Natural Disaster. Kelvin McConnell, is known by many as Natural Disaster. He was introduced to Antonio "Topcat" Randolph the CEO of TopcaT Management. The management company that has a extremely good track record in working and developing producer's and artist, making stars and making hit's. Doing that process, Natural Disaster developed a sound that eventually took to the mainstream of the music industry.  The hottest movement ever in every community. Everyone has SWAG! Now in your country is "Turn My Swag On" performed by Soulja Boy and produced by Natural Disaster and Antonio TopcaT Randolph. TopcaT Randolph has developed a team of polished producers and songwriters. 

Compilation Vol. 1 * 2017-2018
Mixtape Vol. 1 * 2017 -2018

FamLife - Artist | Writer

Team Infamous - Writer | Producer | Artist


Antonio TopcaT - Writer | Producer | Executive

Jaqo - Writer | Artist

Natural Disaster - Producer

Royal Script - Producer's | Writer's 


Hitenem Entertainment | Producer's | Writer's

Joe Gator | Writer

RDM - Producer | Writer

Swagga Gunz - Producer | Writer | Artist

Mi$ta Endz - Producer | Writer




Skype me @ a.7opca7


TURN MY SWAG ON Produced by: Natural Disaster & Antonio TopcaT